Church Info

Faith Temple

37371 Hwy 11
Buras, LA 70041

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  1. Hello.

    I am Scott Pyles, missionary in Cameroon and member of the The Chapel on the Campus in Baton Rouge. I was the guy who was working in post-Katrina relief work in New Orleans and other areas and befriended Pastor Jesse and eventually sent the “Bobcat” there. 🙂

    I am in Cameroon still, but would like to communicate with Jesse if he is still there. If so, please ask him to email me. Thank you!

    thanks & blessings in Christ,
    Scott Pyles

  2. Hi Pastor Jesse. My name is Gayle Angelo and I lived down there for about 13 years (from 7 to 19 yrs. old). We moved to Buras from New Orleans so my dad could go to work for Exxon. When we moved there we found that my dad’s side of the family was from Port Eads, Venice, Buras. So we had a lot of distant cousins down there we didn’t even know about prior to moving down there. I am a born again Christian for about 30 years. But my heart goes out to the many people I know who live down there who are not born again. I just listened to one of your sermons. It sounded pretty meaty. How are you sharing the gospel down there with the lost? I would love to be able to encourage some ladies I know down there to do a course where they can talk, ponder, and consider what scripture says about Jesus and how a man must be born again in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. Do you or any local churches down there have a Bible study where you share the gospel? The church I go to is Lakeview Christian Center in New Orleans near the Jefferson Parish line. It’s right off of West End Boulevard on Veterans but it’s still in Orleans Parish. We share the gospel around the dinner table. The course is called Alpha. It’s free to our guests. Please feel free to take a look at the course on YouTube, Lakeview Christian Center, Alpha, Week 1, Week 2, through Week 10. Also is there a statement of faith on your website I can read? This life is but a vapor and I get scared for folks who are going to hell for all eternity. It’s not a place I want these people who I’ve grown to love to be in. Thank you!

  3. Good Morning!

    I am writing from the Greater Houston Community Foundation and we recently mailed a check to your church on behalf of one of our donors and it came back as undeliverable. The address we mailed it to was 37307 Highway 11, Buras, LA 70041 and it looks like someone wrote on the envelope “37371 Highway 11, Buras LA 70041”. Can you confirm if this is the correct address before we update our records and put the check back in the mail?

    Your assistance is much appreciated!

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