2015: April 29 – May 1st

Every Year Faith Temple sends invitations out to Pastors all around the country, and some from out, to Fellowship, Fish, and Relax. A 3 day event full of fun, fishing, great cajun cooking, and most importantly God. Pastors are completely treated to this event, the only expense is the cost it takes to get here. We provide the Lodging, Food and Fishing.

We had a great time last year! It is an honor and a joy to the members of our church when we have the opportunity to host this event. We are looking forward to the next Kononia this April. Pastors will be arriving on April 29th, fishing the 30th and the first,  and leaving for home on May 2nd.

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Have you ever attended a Koinonia before? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below!