Faith Temple Ministries is connected to an outreach in nepal through David and Rhonda Knox. Pastor Jesse and Pastor Charlotte have a deep passion for the people of Nepal and bringing them the hope and joy that is in Christ.

Pastor KB

KB BaselDedicated to God and to the people of Nepal, KB is a local pastor who is working diligently in the area to see the lost saved. He disciples and mentors other pastors in the area. He is actively involved in bringing the Gospel to villages where the name of Yahweh or His son Jesus have never been heard. We had the pleasure of him speaking at our church and attending our annual event called Koinonia. You can listed to Pastor KB’s teaching in the archives.

Last year Pastor Jesse and Pastor Charlotte attended and helped facilitate a christian tent meeting in Nepal along side David and Rhonda Knox with Grove Christian Center. There were over 10k Nepalis who attended the meeting.

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